Detailing and PDR Tech session

We attended a tech session for car detailing and paint protection at Detail Peoria ( this weekend on Knoxville in Peoria.  We started by discussing paint restoration, prep, and protection.  They also discussed some products to use to maintain a clean car.

Then we saw a demonstration of paintless dent repair (PDR) using both the tool from behind the dent method as well as the glue method by “the Dent Guy” Scott Shinn (309-208-3932).  We also discussed wheel curb rash repair that The Wheel Guy (Kevin Duncan) does (309-231-2591).


HPDE opportunity for first timers

The St. Louis region PCA has a special high performance drivers education targeted at people who have never done one before.  This event is 1/2 day on Saturday July 28th at Circuit of St. Louis Road Course (Gateway).  It is $100 for intro students.  You can see more info and register for the event here: