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Be All In with LTR

I have heard from several members off and on that they are not aware of what is going on in the region.  I decided to create this post so people know when things are happening, both LTR events, and other car events around the region.

  1. Make sure your email is up-to-date on the PCA national website!  We used this with our emailer to send notices out to the members.  You must have an up-to-date email in the PCA national website in order for this to work.  Go to the website:, login [Member Log-in], select the [Edit] tab, and update your information.  If you change email addresses make sure to update this.
  2. Connect to our calendar.  I created a blog post for this a while back.  It explains how to connect the LTR calendar with your Google calendar so you can see LTR events. I believe you can connect this to other calendar types as well.  
  3. Connect with us on Facebook.  I know, I am not a big fan of Facebook either but it is the most popular social media platform.  The LTR has a page and a private group.  Lets use this to share events around the region, tips, etc.  Start here:  I have a link to this right on the LTR website for your convenience.
  4. The LTR website.  This is our main place to connect with our region.  I have links to all the above on the website.  I also have an additional calendar showing other car events around the region and in nearby regions.

Please take advantage of these so you are aware of what is going on and can hopefully participate in some club activities and get the most out of your LTR membership.

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Next time you are in Las Vegas…

… spend some of that gambling money on a great driving experience. I visited Speed Vegas recently and drove a Ferrari 488 on track.  The whole story is here:

If you are interested in cars that Speed Vegas does not have, or you want to try a different track, there are another places very similar at the Las Vegas Speedway Commerce Center North if Las Vegas.  For instance Exotics RacingDream Racing, and Vegas Supercars.

Street Survival

Street Survival June 2019

The PCA and BMWCCA both support Tire Rack Street Survival schools to help teach new drivers car control.  The goal is to create better drivers by developing skills that will help them avoid accidents.  Here in Central Illinois the Illini BMW club sponsors a Street Survival school at Caterpillar building AC near Mossville.  There are actually 2 schools, one per day, on June 22nd and 23rd.  This event is run by all volunteers and we need more volunteers to support more students.  We need all sorts of volunteers such as people helping with registration, course workers, in-car coaches, and in-class instructors.  If you would like to help improve new drivers, please go to this site and follow the instructions to contact the Street Survival team.