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2020 Events Update

Our 2020 events schedule has been very light due to the virus. We normally plan a Christmas dinner in December but unfortunately this year we are cancelling it. Early next year the LTR board will meet and start to plan out 2021 which may include the dinner we planned at Christmas this year, but in the summer.

We still have the drive to Lasalle in October. This event is virus safe as we will all be in our own cars. We are even handling registration and waivers electronically following PCA’s new process through We hope to have a great turnout for this drive so please register using this new process so it can run safe and smooth.

We are still having many of the regional meets too. In the spring some of these were virtual using Skype and Google Meet but as the state started relaxing some of the restrictions, we have started meeting in person again.

As we look forward to a better situation in 2021 here are some resources for tracking the virus situation with data.
* COVID-Net Hospitalizations. Use the “weekly rate” selection in the upper left to see what is happening over time. This shows a double hump and now a steadily decreasing rate of hospitalizations.
* Illinois Department of Health COVID metrics. Select your region to see local metrics.

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