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Autohaus to Lasalle Drive

The Lincoln Trail PCA will have a driving tour from Autohaus in Peoria, to downtown Lasalle on October 10th.  We will meet at Autohaus by 10am.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and a survey of member feedback, this year we will not have lunch as part of the event but it will end at the same place. The PCA also has a new waiver that all attendees must sign before the event.  Info about this new waiver, and how to electronically sign both waivers is here.  We will use (the official PCA event registration website) to register for this event.  Please register here before October 9th to participate. Make sure all attendees also sign both waivers as part of the registration.

Here is a link to the map of the route.

Here is a link to the route step-by-step instructions.

Here is a compressed video of the route.

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New PCA Waiver

The PCA created a new communicable disease spectator and participant waiver that anyone attending an event needs to sign. The official PCA event registration tool,, has implemented a way for registrants of an event to electronically sign this and the other event liability waiver forms electronically when registering for events. This is intended to not only reduce person-to-person contact but also speed up the event start. has created this guide for signing these waivers electronically.

We have our first club drive of the year planned for October 10th, 2020. It is the drive from Autohaus in Peoria to LaSalle. This year we omitted the group meal at the end since most are not interested in indoor gatherings at this time based on our recent survey. This event in now open for registration in We would like all participants to register and sign the 2 waivers. Once the 2 waivers are signed, it should look like this in your dashboard.

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Survey Results

We recently surveyed the LTR members about events this year. Here are the results. Question responses are (left side) 1 = “not very” and (right side) 5 = “very much” to the question. There were 30 responses.

I would be interesting in attending Mix & Mingle events (lunch or dinner) indoors

I would be interesting in attending Mix & Mingle events (lunch or dinner) Outdoors

I would be interesting in attending driving events (cruise, on public roads).

It seems very few are interested in indoor events this year given the current situation. Many are interested in driving events. Based on this we are making some changes to our calendar. The Christmas party is cancelled. The October drive from Autohaus to LaSalle will be held, but the lunch part is removed. We are considering other potential drives this fall. Stay tuned…

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Feedback requested

We would like to better understand what members are interested in participating in this year given the current conditions. Please fill out this survey: