It’s 2021 and COVID is still with us so far. The LTR board is working to develop an event schedule that will work given all the restrictions and people’s concerns. We created a survey of our members to find out what people are most interested in. This year we added our tentative events list and are asking members to select the events that they may be interested in attending. The survey is here:

Please take a moment and fill it out to help us better plan 2021. Thanks!

One Response

  1. I noticed some interest in HPDE in the survey. We posted an article here: a couple years back. LTR is blessed with 3 very active regions adjacent to us that have tracks in their regions, large budgets and staff, and have several great HPDEs each year: CIRPCA, Chicago Region PCA, and St. Louis Region PCA. Several LTR folks attend these events. These regions are very welcoming to LTR members. You don’t have to be a member of their region to attend their HPDE events. You can find their events on or MotorsportsReg.