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  • Sportscar Together Festival 2022
    Friday, September 02, 2022 to Sunday, September 04, 2022 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Porsche will return to Indianapolis over the Labor Day weekend to celebrate its long history of performance road and race cars, along with trackside activities for families and fans of all ages. The Sports Car Together Fest, the second annual marquee event […]
  • Car Events Near Us
    We have many car clubs near our region including other PCA regions. I collected some of these into a merged calendar available on our events page. It is the calendar you see below the LTR calendar. This includes Chicago, Central Indiana, and St. Louis region calendars as well as several others.
  • Mix & Mingles Starting Back Up
    With COVID receding rapidly and restrictions being lifted, we are finally starting our Mix & Mingles again. Our first one will be Saturday March 26th at 5pm at the Indigo Restaurant, 3013 Lindbergh Blvd, Springfield Illinois. We will also have an in-person board meeting at the same place starting at 4pm. Marcus sent out an […]
  • Grandview Drive to Lasalle Drive
    The Lincoln Trail PCA will have a driving tour from Grandview Drive in Peoria, to downtown Lasalle on Saturday, October 16th.  We will meet at the park at the South end of Grandview Drive at 9:30am.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and a survey of member feedback, this year we will not have lunch as […]
  • Destihl Mix & Mingle
    Lincoln Trail will be sponsoring a Mix & Mingle on Saturday, September 11th at Destihl Beer Hall 1200 Greenbriar Drive, Normal, IL at 5pm. This will be Destilhl’s Octoberfest celebration. Lyn Webber will host and provide some tables. Please bring chairs or blankets to sit on. This is the second year LTR has sponsored a […]
  • Member Appreciation 2021
    September 25th will be the Lincoln Trial Membership Appreciation Dinner at Davis Lodge Lake Bloomington. Since we were unable to get together much in 2020 the Club is giving back and will provide a afternoon of camaraderie starting with a Mix & Mingle, followed by a drive and and close with a free dinner. For those […]
  • Newsletter History
    Back in the day we had created, published, and mailed out a newsletter on a fairly regular monthly cadence. It was called the Potpourri until May 2008. After that it was called “Lincoln Trail News”. In 2006 we bought Adobe publishing software and began creating a color newsletter. There was a significant amount of work […]
  • Sportscar Together Fest 2021
    Porsche presents Sportscar Together Fest 2021 A vibrant celebration of car culture and Porsche community September 10-12, 2021 Taking place at the American home of motorsport, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is the perfect backdrop to the festival, which at its core hosts three major Porsche one-make race series. The action won’t just be limited to […]
  • Autohaus to Lasalle Drive
    The Lincoln Trail PCA will have a driving tour from Autohaus in Peoria, to downtown Lasalle on May 1st.  We will meet at Autohaus by 10am.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and a survey of member feedback, this year we will not have lunch as part of the event but it will end at the […]
  • 2021 Events Survey Results
    Here is the results of the survey we conducted for 2021 LTR PCA events.
  • 2021 Events Survey
    It’s 2021 and COVID is still with us so far. The LTR board is working to develop an event schedule that will work given all the restrictions and people’s concerns. We created a survey of our members to find out what people are most interested in. This year we added our tentative events list and […]
  • Congrats to Sim Racers
    Congratulations to our LTR SIM racers Sean and Jensen Benet! Sean placed 1st in the “club” category and Jensen placed 2nd in the “sport” category. See this months Panorama, page 8.
  • Events through winter
    As COVID concerns are rising, and governments are adding restrictions again, and the ability to meet outside becomes far less desirable, I guess we are back to virtual events for a while. I switched the Peoria monthly meets to virtual using Google Meet starting in November. While it is not nearly as nice as meeting […]
  • Scenic Drives
    I recently found a website that lists several scenic drives here in Illinois by the Illinois Department of Transportation. This could be a very handy source for future drives with the club. Below are a few other sites highlighting scenic routes in Illinois: Great Rivers and Routes . This focuses on Southwestern Illinois Take […]
  • 2020 Events Update
    Our 2020 events schedule has been very light due to the virus. We normally plan a Christmas dinner in December but unfortunately this year we are cancelling it. Early next year the LTR board will meet and start to plan out 2021 which may include the dinner we planned at Christmas this year, but in […]
  • Autohaus to Lasalle Drive
    The Lincoln Trail PCA will have a driving tour from Autohaus in Peoria, to downtown Lasalle on October 10th.  We will meet at Autohaus by 10am.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and a survey of member feedback, this year we will not have lunch as part of the event but it will end at the […]
  • New PCA Waiver
    The PCA created a new communicable disease spectator and participant waiver that anyone attending an event needs to sign. The official PCA event registration tool,, has implemented a way for registrants of an event to electronically sign this and the other event liability waiver forms electronically when registering for events. This is intended to […]
  • Survey Results
    We recently surveyed the LTR members about events this year. Here are the results. Question responses are (left side) 1 = “not very” and (right side) 5 = “very much” to the question. There were 30 responses. I would be interesting in attending Mix & Mingle events (lunch or dinner) indoors I would be interesting […]
  • Feedback requested
    We would like to better understand what members are interested in participating in this year given the current conditions. Please fill out this survey:
  • Andy Benz
    Andy Benz’s 1998 Carrera 4S
  • Gary Reeves
    Gary and Susan Reeves1984 911 2008 Cayman S
  • Curt Boehm
    Curt and Cathy Boehm2007 911 Carrera S
  • Website Redesign
    I am in the process of replacing our entire website with a WordPress system.  You can preview it here: .  This system integrates the blog and classified adds system into a single website.  I am hoping to have it done and moved to our domain ( later this month. 
  • Wayne White
    1976 911S
  • Milton Brummitt
    1984 944 2007 Boxster
  • David Slyman
    2009 Carerra S
  • Ryan Carter
    2001 911 Turbo
  • Al Gietl
    2009 Carrera S
  • Joe McAdam
    2004 911 Turbo Cabriolet 2011 Panamera Turbo
  • Jim Roal
    2006 Cayman S 1987 944S (previous car)
  • Events cancelled through April
    Due to the virus, and the state mandated distancing rules, we will need to cancel our LTR events through April 30.  Let’s hope we can start back up in May.
  • Street Survival 2020
    These events have been cancelled for 2020. The dates for the Mossville Street Survival are now on the calendar for September 26th and 27th (2 classes, one each day) and open for registration. Several Lincoln Trail members volunteer for this and have since the beginning.  We always need more volunteers so if you can spare […]
  • Learn high performance driving skills online
    Here are 2 great resources for learning the skills of performance driving. They are both geared toward racing but most the skills they teach also apply to HPDE. Racer360 is a collection of tutorials aimed at different aspects of driving.  Many are free but other require a subscription. Driver61 has a great collection of video tutorials where […]
  • Driving events on the calendar already
    It’s still January but car clubs are already busy getting driving events on their calendars. Autocross The biggest autocross club in Central Illinois is the Champaign County Sports Car Club.  Here is their autocross schedule they just posted. The Central Illinois Region (CIR) of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) also hosts autocrosses in Central […]
  • Leaderboard
    As discussed in an earlier blog post, Las Vegas (and other places) has places you can go to drive high end sports cars and supercars on the track.  Generally normal people like you and me do 5 laps or more on their track with an instructor.  Exotics Racing times these laps and posts them all […]
  • Car stuff in Central Illinois
    Here in the Midwest we enjoy a rich car culture. Even in Central Illinois, away from the big cities, we have plenty of car related things to do. We also have many activities within a few hours drive from here as well. I wanted to share some key website to get people started.  Social Events […]
  • Drive to Uptown Grille, Lasalle
    The Lincoln Trail PCA will have a driving tour from Autohaus in Peoria, to the Uptown Grille in Lasalle for lunch on September 21st.  We will meet at Autohaus by 10am.  Please RSVP to by September 18th. Here is a link to the waiver we will need each participant to sign before we begin […]
  • Street Survival 2019
    Several LTR members participated in the Street Survival at Cat Mossville AC this weekend.  The local newspaper printed this article about it too.  This was our 10th year offering this event and its going stronger than ever.  If you have never been involved in one of these I would highly recommend it.  At a minimum, […]
  • Be All In with LTR
    I have heard from several members off and on that they are not aware of what is going on in the region.  I decided to create this post so people know when things are happening, both LTR events, and other car events around the region. Make sure your email is up-to-date on the PCA national […]
  • Next time you are in Las Vegas…
    … spend some of that gambling money on a great driving experience. I visited Speed Vegas recently and drove a Ferrari 488 on track.  The whole story is here: If you are interested in cars that Speed Vegas does not have, or you want to try a different track, there are another places very similar […]

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