• Maintaining your Porsche
    Modern cars intimidate most people into avoiding even attempting basic maintenance on their own.  It should not be that way actually.  While modern cars are certainly much more complex than older cars, many things are actually easier now.  I was a professional mechanic (or service technician) from ’83 through ’97.  I worked at a Ford … Read more
  • So you want a Porsche race car…
    Written by Michael Bene’t – LTR Technical Chairperson. About a race season ago two other PCA member/customers & I were talking about getting dedicated racecars for PCA and/or NASA racing. Dedicated as in “no longer street legal” and strictly built to adhere to the rules of the racing class we had decided on. I personally knew of … Read more
  • Where does the HP go?
    Link to article by Bob White. Here is another technical article by Bob about his Ruf RS America
  • Tires
    Two-part article published by Bob White about tires. Part One Part Two
  • Whoa
    From the Driver’s Seat by Chuck Tucker ©2005 – Whoa I’m just back from instructing at Mid-Ohio, where I was surprised by the results of a braking exercise we did with the first-time students. These students were hard-driving, autocrossing, gas-pedal-loving Car People – and none of them had any idea how hard they could really … Read more
  • A Look Ahead
    From the Driver’s Seat by Chuck Tucker ©2005 – A Look Ahead Eight years ago, my friends talked me into attending a PCA driver’s education event at the Putnam Park Road Course. In the classroom I heard that 70% of Americans consider themselves to be above-average drivers – but of course they aren’t. On the … Read more
  • Connecting
    From the Driver’s Seat by Chuck Tucker ©2005 – Connecting Last month I talked about looking ahead. Keeping your eyes well out in front of the car will allow you to anticipate events, and help you drive a smooth, controlled line. This month we’ll start on basics of car control. The first step is really … Read more
  • Get a Grip
    From the Driver’s Seat by Chuck Tucker ©2005 – Get a Grip Now that you are firmly seated in the car with your eyes focused well out in front, it’s time to talk about steering. Surprisingly, there are several schools of thought about where and how to grip the wheel. Most driving schools want you … Read more